It's been quite a while and a lot has happened.... don't worry I won't bore you with the details, save to say I have a new computer and the Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium YOU BETCHES! Yes... it's fucking awesome.

I've neglected my blog long enough and watched others roll on along without me the entire summer. Now I'm back and ready to get serious about showing off all the cool shit I've bought on SL and how awesome I am at putting it all together.... one of these days I'll actually make more clothes and get a line together. 

In the meantime here's a recent family portrait until I've got all the images for my next week's blog... enjoy :)


I tied the SL knot...

After months of planning and running around buying a bunch of stuff we finally got it over with. It was lovely. Quiet, simple, and bling-free.

I realized though that there aren't many good places for bridal items on SL. Thankfully and just in time for me to get married Shai came out with this Serpentine gown which actually made the wedding. Shai also put out another more couture looking gown in the new bridal section of the main store and it looks incredible... real prim bouquets at Barerose tied everything together fantastically.

Maybe now that I have less to do on SL I can work on this blog.... or something. Or perhaps pop out a prim baby or two. It could make for an interesting post about SL maternity fashions... or the lack there of.


The dress that changed my Second Life...

RL studies hell since last post.. but let's not dwell...

One late night strolling @ Cotton Candy Mall I was pulled in by the tractor beam of the Tree of Second Life (TOSL) vendor store thingy..

They had these really kitschy gingham dresses and I had to have one until I saw their line of floral tea dresses... WOWAWEEWA!

Yes their items seem maybe too pricey but I guarantee these dresses are worth every damn linden... makes me wanna go hang out in a garden with fabulous hats and gaudy jewelry and talk about how silly my husband is and how I throw away all his money..... or something.

I haven't bought any TOSL hand bags yet but that purchase is sure to come shortly... go check them out.


Tres Blah

Well here's the picture:

( The Far Away... kind of made me wish there were some cows to tip...)

And here's the story:

Why can't there be more designers in SL like Tres Blah? Julliette Westerburg seems to have created some kind of Anthropologie meets the Gap/Banana Republic look all glossed over with the raw charm of Photoshop. Her clothes are soft, casual, and probably something I would consider wearing in RL.. call me crazy but I like wearing things in SL I would wear in RL... I don't think I'm the only one.

Every item in Tres Blah is inexpensive. The yellow jumper I'm sporting in the pic is only $100 but shines in-world like one of those $350 pieces you would pick up at OTHER locations... you know the ones. Why do they charge so much? Someone explain it to me because I don't understand.

Tres Blah has more fashionable goodies than you older sister's strictly forbidden closet. A sociable and cute crowd always seems to be flowing through their main store at Le Zoo. If you're broke then go there for the music stream.

P.S. Everyone else takes pics at The Far Away... I don't mean to be cliche but today was MY turn damn it ;)


F.A.T. Designz...Fabulously filthy.

This afternoon while minding my business, being fabulous, and dancing to the amazing tunes @ GOL Sensual Elements, some random avvy offered me inventory. I was apprehensive to take it.. but he assured me it was safe. Low and behold it was a notecard with a landmark for F.A.T. Designz. He also gave me a free camo top... not too shabby.

So I went to check out the store. The store environment gives you the impression that you're in one of the post-apocalyptic sims... especially since there was a tumbleweed of garbage floating around outside.

The greeter exclaims: "Welcome at F.A.T. DESIGNZ EITHER YOU HAVE STYLE OR NOT. JUST LIKE OUR STUFF. HAVE IT OR NOT." Sure... tell me to fuck off.. makes me want to buy your shit even more! Fortunately for them their reverse psychology worked and I made a few purchases.

At any rate, they had a few clever items and their graphic tees are so trendy they're almost enough to make you want to go Neko... but only almost. I obviously had to pick this one up:

Not only is it stylish but it's also true! ;) I'm a shameless self-promoter.. I know...

They have TONS of skullicious tees and most of them are unisex. Did I mention they're also modestly priced? If you like filth and degradation go there. Now.

I really do <3 Cupcakes

So I guess this is kind of a fashion blog... I just can't help myself. Although at this point I'm not sure how many people will actually read it. But I'm gonna tell you anyways.

It's ridiculous how long I went without being informed about a pleasant little store called Heart Cupcakes (The name of the store doesn't display correctly in the browser... but it's correct in the blog title.)

They three have incredible freebie dresses.. but I recommend forking over at least a hundred Linden and picking up one of their feminine frocks. In the past week since discovering this gem of a store I have made the following purchases at Heart Cupcakes:

And several more.This is not even a fraction of the cuteness hiding out @ 
Heart Cupcakes and I'm not even kidding. Join the update group as well because the owner is always putting together charming little soirees.

There are so many dresses to choose from that sometimes I get overwhelmed there and buy everything I see. I'm sooo getting my bridesmaids dresses there... Happy shopping.


An international affair...

When the question of RL location comes up while chatting in-world the conversation seems to go in two directions...

1.) You enthusiastically exclaim your country of origin and get a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the inquirer.
2.) You enthusiastically exclaim that your country of origin is the United States. The inquirer then gives their condolences.

Since my rezz day I have never gotten a positive response about being American. What I have gotten is a lot of stereotypes and insults. So let me set the record straight about that...

A lot of americans are fat, but not all of us... and what's so awful about being fat anyways? It's not like it makes you a bad person. So shut your trap about it you heifer and eat your potato salad.

Americans are not stupid. Al Gore invented the internet. So one of us must be smart.

We don't all like George Bush. In fact, I'm not sure I know anyone personally who supports him. It's not our fault a bunch of slack-jawed yokels from the swamps voted for their inbred cousin.

We all like McDonalds and eat fast food for every meal and it is wonderful.

Which brings me to my point...today for the first time on SL I was kind of proud to be an American.. because of these cute shirts I saw @ Kenzie... Being the liberal college student that I am, I grabbed the Obama for yo Mama option. My friend from the UK had to have a "Hilary is my home girl" tee for himself as well. Very exciting election. Unfortunately the Clinton shirt was way cuter than the Barack shirt. That's discrimination for ya.

And if you are still hating on Americans after all this time than stop playing SL because it's made by Americans...turd.